'Payback' on investing in a systematic way to collect Debtors Cash sooner

The right level of 'payback' should make it a 'no-brainer'!

In the previous post on the topic of cash collection and old manual versus new and semi-automated collection methods, we mentioned 'Payback' (to the Accounting Practice) on the investment in technology-based systematic collection methods.

The Comparison Chart below sets out the differences between the Cerebiz systematic collection method covering ALL outstanding invoices and two other methods, Reminder sending as one and Invoice Funding as the other, that each cover only a part of a Practice's invoices unpaid.

Collection of outstanding invoices NOT covered by Reminders that result in a payment or by Invoice Funding (line items shown by a '?' or 'No' in the Comparision Chart) involves manual operation(s) that have hourly rate costs as well as the cost of delay in collecting on the invoices.