Automation reduces Accounting Practice Costs and grows Value to Clients

Eliminate repetitive manual operations and errors

Eliminate manual operations; double keying of data, spreadsheets for import/export of data and developing reports or more.

Be more responsive within the Practice and to Clients.

Streamline workflow, make your team's work interesting again and more valuable to Clients.

Save many non-productive days a month.

Use Automation to improve the speed of Cash Collection significantly, and increase the frequency and effectiveness of Practice Performance Analysis/working ON the business and 'Virtual CFO'/Business Advisory services.

However, Automation for Accounting Practices needs to go deeper than just the surface.

Automating the production of a Chart showing a trend and not providing Drill-down into the details to determine the cause(s) of positive or negative trends leaves Practices and Clients stranded.

Providing a Business Advisory service and telling a Client to improve their Gross Profit % is of no real value without at the same time providing the Client with the ways and service or tools to Drill Down into where the GP% issue lies.

Unproven assumptions or lack of data are not an excuse these days. Clients, if not already, will in future certainly be looki