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Welcome to Cerebiz

More than just accounting, we build better systems

Cerebiz is integrated with MYOB AE/AO Practice Management and MYOB ARL, and with Xero Accounts

Cerebiz goes beyond what MYOB and Xero accounting systems do. Our clients say cash flow and profitability improve substantially.

Automate routine business admin and management tasks. Save time and cost or invest in creating new and higher-value revenue streams.

Run the business better, start with automated cash collection and projection. Payback your investment in Cerebiz many times over, every month.

Improve performance with Dashboards, KPIs, Alerts, Charts, What-If scenarios, Sensitivity Analysis, 80/20 (Pareto) Ranking and more!

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Reduce or eliminate non-productive hours
and make significant cost savings

Cerebiz Automated Processes and Workflow

  • Two-way transactions between Systems

  • Replaces Spreadsheets for data import/export and Reports

  • Faster Invoice Sending

  • Reminders with Pay Now to speed up cash collection

  • Clent payment arrangements and 'Promises to Pay' follow up

  • Payment Gateways: MYOB PayBy, Invoice Funding

  • Bank Feeds for time-saving payment receipts/allocation

  • Forward cash flow projections and What-If scenarios

  • Business/Practice Performance Analysis/Reports on-demand

  • Consolidations of Ledgers/Company Files

  • KPIs/Alerts to take early action on a problem

  • Dashboards and Drill-down ('The Devil is in the Detail')

  • Contribution Analysis, e.g. Gross Profit using 80/20 (Pareto)

  • Budget/Forecast with What-If

  • Business Function Dashboards/Quick Reporter

  • Analysis/Reporting for working ON the business

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Automate to save costs

More time to earn and increase your services

Time and Cost Savings

Cerebiz automated operations reduce or eliminate non-productive hours.


Manual operations such as double keying data, spreadsheets, chasing overdue invoices, receipting cash, reconciliations, company consolidations, and more consume hours a day.


An hour a day at $50 including on-costs amounts to $1,000 per month. How many hours a month do your staff spend on the manual operations outlined above?


Eight hours a month of one or more professional staff doing spreadsheets at rates of $200 per hour amounts to $1,600 per month. How many hours a month do your professional team members spend on spreadsheets for clients or as part of analysing practice performance?


What cost savings could you make if these manual operations are automated?

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Boost Working Capital

Put cash back into where it counts

What does a reduction of 10 Debtor Days Mean to your Working Capital?


If you're using Cerebiz to speed up cash collection, the focus is on reducing Debtor Days (a measure of the speed of collection).


Every Debtor Day you eliminate delivers a boost to your working capital. Great for cash flow and essential if you are growing your Revenue. ​


What are your Revenue, Debtor Balance, and Target Debtor Days numbers? An opportunity to improve cash flow and make a significant boost to your Working Capital?

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Team Cerebiz

Meet the people who created cerebiz

Jayantha Ekenayake

Founder CEO

Decades of corporate systems background, project design and implementation before starting his own software development business out of which came Cerebiz. Passionate about delivering solutions to provide real value to Clients.


Loves rugby and cricket.

Peter Vroom

Corporate Development

​Serial founder/CEO of B2B software businesses starting with a 'software as a service' business and its slogan, "Go Online in '79". International software app. business experience.


Bushwalker and sailor.

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