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Cash and Reminder for Accountants

Compatible with MYOB Business AccountRight Plus, MYOB Business Pro and Xero Accounts

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Cerebiz Cash

MYOB and Xero Add On

Increase Fee Earning Potential

Enable staff re-assignment to client servicing and growth

Latest Cashflow Projection

Management, Board, and Bank decisions instantly

Cerebiz Reminder

MYOB and Xero Add On

Reduce Debtor Days

Automated cash collection Pay Now reminders speed up cash collection

Reduce Costs

Automated admin processes save hours of unproductive work ​

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Power up Debtor Management with Cerebiz and Ezidebit

Unlock the full potential of Cerebiz with integrated payments, powered by Ezidebit. 

High debtor days? Cash tied up? Drowning in admin? Automate your debtor management to streamline your payment processes and improve cash flow.

Accelerate cash flow

Say goodbye to overdue invoices. Offer convenient online payment options for faster collection and a healthier cash flow.

Minimise debtor days

Set up overdue clients with payment plans to automatically take payment from their credit card or bank account to reduce debtor days and the need for invoice discounting. 

Cut admin tasks

Automate the payment process to reduce administrative burden, cut costs and free up resources.

Seamless payment experience

Integrate our payment gateway with your web portal to collect payments 24/7, allowing your clients to pay at their convenience.

Security and compliance

All card and bank details are encrypted and secure - backed by Ezidebit’s Level 1 PCI DSS compliant infrastructure, minimising business risk.

 Low, flexible fee structure

Minimise your costs with competitive merchant fees and the option to either absorb or pass on the fees to your customers.

Local dedicated support
Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re backed by locally based payments support teams, available to assist you every step of the way.

Real-time reporting and insights
Gain valuable insights into your financial performance with our comprehensive reporting features.

Transform the way you manage debtors and payments and experience the difference of payments in Cerebiz,
powered by Ezidebit. 


Contact us to learn more about how Cerebiz and Ezidebit can power up your debtor management and boost your
business efficiency.


Get Started with Integrated Payments from Ezidebit 

Cash Accountants
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Cerebiz Cash Module

Improve your Practice cash and profit

The Cerebiz Cash Module

Offers future projections to aid and improve Cash and Profit positions

Way Beyond MYOB and Xero

MYOB and Xero systems provide only basic records and historical data.

Automation for Accountants

Custom collection processes to collect outstanding invoices sooner 

Boost Working Capital

Automatically boost working capital and no more physical bank visits

Automatic Cashflow Projections

Cerebiz makes future collection figures more reliable and accessible

Outstanding Debt Information

Debt arrangements and overdue invoices are collected automatically

Instant Cash Position

Days of cash, projected collections and payments due with a click

Cerebiz Integration

Contact us to discuss your Practice integrating the Cash Module Add On

Reminder Module Cerebiz
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Cerebiz Reminder Module

Two Way Integration at Transaction Levels

The Cerebiz Reminder Module

Integrates seamlessly with MYOB AE/AO PM and AccountRight Live or New Essentials

Cerebiz  (SaaS) Cloud Solution

Cerebiz is a cloud/data warehouse system that holds up-to-date copies of customer's transactions

Automatic 2 Way Data Flow

Synchronise transaction details that flow in both directions between these MYOB systems and Cerebiz

Customer Transaction Data

Access customer transactions and present optional data views, charts and reports with ease

Customer Transaction Data

Drill-down results anywhere, anytime via the user's web browser or mobile device

Cerebiz Integration

Contact us to discuss your Practice integrating the MYOB Reminder App or Xero Practice Add On

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Why Choose Cerebiz?

The award-winning choice compared to other apps and add-ons

Accounting Practice

Standard MYOB AE/AO integrated with standard AccountRight Live and Cerebiz Reminder and Cash Collection Modules

Cerebiz + MYOB

Synchronise transaction detail that flows both ways between MYOB and Cerebiz

Business and SME

Cerebiz Reminder and Cash Collection Modules integrated with AccountRight Live or Xero Accounts

Cerebiz + Xero Accounts

Synchronise transaction detail that flows both ways between Xero and Cerebiz

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Grow your Practice with Cerebiz Add-Ons

Take data analytics, forecasting and planning to the next level


Create budgets and Track

Actual and Variances

Marketing Campaigns

Distribute Marketing Materials, Newsletters and more

Financial Reporter

Powerful Advisory Tools for CFOs

Company Consolidation

Manage Business and Team Performance Proactively

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analysis and reporting requirements for Practices

Cash and Reminder

Are compatible with these modules

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The Benefits of Cerebiz to your Practice

Grow your Practice and Business Clients

Additional Cashflow

Cerebiz returns substantial extra cash to a Practice or client business

Automation for Accountants

Automated processes reduce costs and save many hours and days

Current data with a tap or click

Latest cashflow at the press of a button for your CEO, Board, or Bank

Cerebiz ROI

Fast and substantial payback on investment in Cerebiz

Cerebiz Enhanced Functionality

Synchronise transaction detail that flow both ways between MYOB and XERO systems

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Cash Collection

An automated and systematic process to improve cash collection

Automated Invoices

Sending customised invoices is fast and easy with Cerebiz

SMS and Email Analytics

Email and SMS communications with confirmation of delivery

Automated MYOB Sync

Two-way synchronisation with MYOB AE/AO Practice Management

Templates and Auto Schedules

Reminders and Pay Now facilities to streamline Practice processes

Promise to Pay

Automatically facilitates and

records payment agreements

Debtor Communication

Reminders, payment arrangements, follow-ups are recorded in one place

Payment Gateway Options

Pay Now, choice of gateways and invoice funding facilities

Automated Bank Feeds

Save time and labour with instant access to your records

Critical Debtors List

Partners and Staff are informed of when trouble debtors arise

cerebi projections.jpg

Automated Cashflow Projections

The award-winning choice compared to other apps and add-ons

Rolling Projections

Automated link to forward 12-month or 52-week rolling cash projections

What-if Scenarios

Cashflow What-If scenarios explore debtor and cash management

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis includes Days of Cash Remaining

Automated MYOB Sync

Two-way synchronisation with MYOB AE/AO Practice Management

Templates and Auto Schedules

Reminders and Pay Now facilities to streamline Practice processes

Promise to Pay

Cashflow Projection shows Promises to Pay to boost projection credibility

Cashflow and Job Keeper

Project cash flow items not in the accounts or for one-off needs

Charts and Graphs at a click

Charts highlight Cash Collection speed (Debtor Days) and more

Drill Down Trending Charts

Detailed transactions to discover causes of issue and opportunity

Contact Cerebiz

For more information in relation to your specific Practice needs

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