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Cerebiz Reviews

We love to get feedback from our clients


Tim Kemp
Partner, MJA Accounting

‘Cerebiz Integrator’, with its ‘Cash’ and ‘Reminder’ modules, has helped us save 2 to 3 days of work per month.

Now my staff have more time to attend to other more productive tasks in the Practice.


Bank Feeds into AccountRight (ARL), and automated import of our Invoices into ARL via Cerebiz Integrator, means the reconciliation of debtor accounts is now a breeze.


Client payments are coming through quicker than before. Our Practice ledger is up-to-date, which was never possible before.


Christian Van Niekerk
Director, Grant Thornton

“Cerebiz Dashboard / Reporter & Budgeting Modules help us in streamlining our Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Budgeting & Reporting process for our clients.


Cerebiz Modules works with all MYOB Ledgers i.e. AR Cloud and Desktop, Essentials, MAS, and Accounts GL.


Now we can offer up-to-date and fact-based Business Advisory Services to our clients in an efficient and timely manner.


We have known Cerebiz Team for a while, and their know-how in this field and support services are exceptional."


Jeff Brewer

Partner, MGI Group

'We were always able to provide feedback to Cerebiz on what works and what doesn't work in their system. For example setting up family groups, which they did and was really good.'

'Cerebiz automated systems for better communications with Clients save time, reduce Debtor Days, and improve Cash collection.'

Clair Oliver

Manager, MGI Group

Integrating Cerebiz at MGI Joyce|Dickson has resulted in improved processes resulting in increased efficiency within the admin team and has substantially reduced the amount of time we spend chasing debtors and receipting client payments. 


Trevor Harrison

Partner, MRL Group

'There are not too many software houses wherewith the primary people at the top you can have a conversation about what you're looking for, then taking that information on board and trying to solve it via a solution that already exists within their software or even potentially suggesting some modifications to the software to suit our specific requirements'

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Stevie Bain, Debtor Management

Armada Perth

Cerebiz is instantaneous, which is what I like, whereas in MYOB's AE system everything is very manual, everything is from different screens.'

Trevor Hutchings, Practice Manager Armada Perth

'Certainly, in terms of debtor days, since putting Cerebiz on we have seen a reduction in our lock‑up of around 20 days'.


Christian Van Niekerk, Director

Grant Thornton Adelaide

'One of the issues that we identified a long time ago was the amount of reporting we're doing for Clients outside of the normal financial statements and tax returns.


So one of the things we do, as most practices would do, is create a set of Excel spreadsheets to produce graphs and the like to present to clients. One of the issues we found is the sheer amount of time it took to put those templates together. Every year something would be different and new people would come on board and we just spent a considerable amount of time putting these things together. The client understood but didn't put a lot of value behind it. Therefore, the cost-benefit was really a big challenge for us to get our heads around for quite a long time.


Our (Cerebiz) Automated Reporting system saves many hours and enables moving from Annual meetings with Clients to Quarterly or Monthly higher value Advisory Service.


Clients really love it. It's timely. They make better decisions and, in a graphical format, it's easy to read; they understand it. I think that's the most important part.'


Alexander Laureti, Partner

LMS Advisory, Parramatta

'We were always able to provide feedback to Cerebiz on what works and what doesn't work in their system. For example setting up family groups, which they did and was really good.'

'Cerebiz Automation is helping us collect Cash faster, communicate with Clients, and save considerable time which can be put to better use on Client assignments.

We've had our current staff doing more value‑add services for our clients and we've had the technology, being Cerebiz, doing the grunt work in the background, which is where we all want to be. We all want to be doing value‑add things and let the computers do the hard work in the background.

It has been a really, really good turnaround for our business so we appreciate that​'.


Trevor Harrison

Partner, MRL Group

We wanted a KPI system that was completely flexible, right down to us designing our KPIs. But we wanted to be able to mix this with the consolidation module so that we could provide a consolidated KPI but also look at the KPIs of each of the individual entities that we had grouped together with this consolidated structure.


We can also in that system, in the consolidation system, drill down into specific transactions in regard to both the consolidations and the KPI.


'We used to spend a lot of time manually manipulating data. Having access to tools Cerebiz provides has just been a breath of fresh air and has been able to actually alleviate us from producing that data at all. I would much prefer to be advising the client than crunching data in the background and sending them a report every month.


So the Clients are looking at their KPIs, looking at their reports, and if they're doing that, they're not bothering us for the information and, again, I say, whilst accountants crunch data, I don't think it's really where we make money.


We've been able to shift our service provision to much more of an advisory model and, thereby, that can only be good for us from an economic point of view.'


Georgie Knight

Practice Manager, Haydon Kinnaird, Perth

'Look, it's very good ‑ it really is a good system. Like everything, you've got to have a set‑up cost. I thought it was pretty fair. We pay obviously a yearly fee, which is to keep things current, and that's pretty cheap really. The amount of time it has saved us, it is worth its money.'


Greg Scalan

Sole Motive

‘We were spending excessive hours on spreadsheets just trying to massage data which meant a loss of productive time on the part of managers and delays in getting our results.


The Cerebiz Budget/Jobs Modules are saving 10 to 12 hours a month on reporting using spreadsheets. It saves 50 to 60 hours a year on Budget preparation using spreadsheets.


Now the managers develop the budgets for their own areas, against which they will be measured.

We are very happy with the overall results.


What do the experts say?

Terry Rodoni


 Decades of background in local and national Accounting Practices.

On RSM's executive committee for many years.

Cash Collection

Cash collection review in a management meeting tends to be 'collect $100k asap, as we have payroll next Friday'.


Someone makes as few calls as possible to meet that target. In the meantime, other overdue invoices are getting even more overdue.


Cash is critical to every type of business, including Accounting Practices and their Clients, and a systematic approach works much better.


Cerebiz automated tools and processes to collect cash sooner to eliminate non-productive hours and increase available working capital.


Automated cash flow projections including 'Days of Cash Remaining' are what every business needs in these very difficult COVID-19 times.

Practice Performance

Debtor Days, Work in Progress, Write-offs, and Lockup; that’s what keeps Partners awake at night!


Until Cerebiz, there has been no automated 'off the shelf' way to monitor these figures on-demand.


Practices need this level of automation to produce information on time and at a realistic cost.

Budget Forecasting

The Cerebiz budget and forecasting module is a vital planning tool for both Practices and their Clients.


Budget setting is a fundamental tool for the consistent performance analysis of a multiple entity accounting Practice and multiple entity SME client. And of course, if you have Clients with multiple entities, they're generally your larger clients and the ones that you want to create better services for.


From an accountant's perspective, the beauty of the Cerebiz budget module is that you can drill down into financial statements right down to the transaction level and analyze the financial results by individual entities, accounts and jobs.


That supports the ability to provide more incisive insights and advice to clients which represent better value to them and builds a mutually beneficial relationship.

Advanced Profit Analysis

The Cerebiz tools to analyse profit and the contributors to profit are very important to work ON improving the business side of a Practice or Client.


For example looking at Gross Profit contribution by each product or service or customer, or by a person (Partner, Manager in a Practice or Salesperson/partner in a Client's business).


It's not practical and too expensive to do such analysis by spreadsheet or custom-written program. Yet it needs to be done regularly as the data keeps changing and you need to stay on top of the impact of that on the business.


Cerebiz tools such as 80/20 (Pareto) Analysis is practical and cost-effective and puts the right up-to-date facts at your fingertips anytime anywhere to work On improving your Practice or Client's business.

Cerebiz Marketing

Communicating with Clients is the way to build your 'trusted advisor' relationship with Clients.


The data is all there in MYOB AE/AO but selecting the right data and extracting it and then getting a marketing campaign or newsletter out to Clients is difficult and time-consuming.


The Cerebiz Campaign Manager changes all that and enables you to stay 'top of mind' with your Clients when they need advice.

AE Entity Consolidation

This is another Cerebiz tool to save many hours of a professional person's time that can be put to more productive/fee-generating use.

Dashboards & Quick Reporter

It's said 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' Now you can see your up-to-date business data instantly in Graph/Trend-line 'pictures'!


Is the Trend-line heading the right way for you? How can you get it to go even more so? Or, what can you do to reverse this trend?


It's also said, 'The devil is in the detail.' That's true, you should not jump to conclusions without checking more deeply into what makes up a trend. Untested assumptions are a risk for your business and there are ways to eliminate or mitigate that risk.


Cerebiz has the tools that will give you a picture of a trend, alert you by email/SMS if you should investigate, and enable you to Drill-down into the underlying detail for a trend to confirm the 'good-guys' or the 'culprits'. Now you can manage your risk in taking action on a trend line! It's the way to go!

Company File Consolidation

Cerebiz has devised an automated consolidation function that eliminates the hours to do multiple entity consolidations manually.


In addition, it can flag comparative KPI performance across entities.


And it has instant Drill-down into the details for each KPI.


Now consolidation reports also become more meaningful to improving your business.


I recommend you look into it!

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