What  is Cerebiz Modeller?


Cerebiz ‘Modeller’ is a cloud based Cerebiz Module which provides Financial modelling, Advanced reporting, KPI building, and three-way forecasting etc. for businesses that synchronises financial  data from MYOB Accountright Live, MYOB Essentials, Xero and  MYOB AE/AO Practice manager (PM) systems. Users can import their own financial modelling templates from Excel or use our pre-selected templates drawing data from other Cerebiz Modules. 

Modeller is an extension of our philosophy that having a single source of truth for your financial data will save your business time and create efficiencies for your team. 

Cerebiz’s vision from day one has been to provide Accounting Practices and SMEs with comprehensive Cloud based (SaaS based) tool sets which can handle complexities of business requirements, provide flexibility and ease of use, and most importantly save time and costs during implementation and maintenance. Cerebiz ‘Modeller’ was born out of our research and customer feedback.

How does Cerebiz Modeller Work?

Cerebiz Modeller is an additional module to add to in your Cerebiz cloud stack. 

Your business would currently be using MYOB Accountright Live (ARL) and MYOB AE/AO PM (Accounting Practice Management Server Based Software) in conjunction with Cerebiz Integrator, Cash, Reminder, Practice Performance, Budget and Company Consolidation modules. You are already enjoying the unique insights and advanced tools provided by Cerebiz. 


  • Cerebiz modeller’s custom integrations allows the user to link their ARL, AE/AO PM, Xero, system data to a financial forecast and update time related data from these systems with a single click. Cerebiz modeller will  bring up-to-date information from your cloud accounting file, instantly. This saves your team many hours of import, export and re work of data for these customers. 

  • If you have an existing Excel Financial Forecasting template, you can import it into Cerebiz Modeller. Alternatively; use our pre-existing templates to build rich data-filled dashboards in the cloud

  • Cerebiz modeller will have access to data streams that are related to all of the above modules providing the business with full flexibility to construct their own budgeting, Forecasting, reporting, KPIs based on their unique requirements; all while using your own financial data as a single source of truth.  

  • Similarly, if a SME has subscribed to Cerebiz Budget, Consolidation and Modeller, they will have access to data streams that are related to the above modules providing the business with full flexibility to construct their own budgeting, Forecasting, reporting and KPIs based on their unique requirements.

  • Modeller has a comprehensive security model where the Administrator is able to grant access to the whole model or selected sheets in the model. The model data is saved to Cerebiz cloud and is available anywhere by 24X7. 

What is the opportunity for Accounting Practices? 

Create a new client engagement called Financial Modelling for your sophisticated clients. Recover your Cerebiz subscription cost and add your value proposition. 

Modeller gives you a substantial amount of the functionality of Microsoft Excel directly in the Cerebiz Portal. If you prefer to work in Excel, export your file from Cerebiz, make your adjustments in Excel, and
Reimport your model back into Cerebiz with our import tool. Synchronise your data in a single click. 

We envision accounting practices building an entire new revenue stream for their practice using Cerebiz Modeller; and we are proud to partner with you to make this happen. Get in contact with us today to learn more!

Why did we build Cerebiz Modeller? 

Cerebiz has spent many years working experience with Accounting Practices and SME businesses to specifically solve their unique pain points. We have found that some customer pain points were quite consistent to the industry, and built solutions for those. We also noticed that there were pain points which were very hard to address simply due to the customs ways that each accounting practice operates. This differentiation brings in complex dimensions from management accounting perspective when it comes to day-to-day running of businesses, custom workflows,  analysing historical data to ascertain meaningful and actionable business intelligent for future direction and control of the business.

Server based computer systems addressed these customer pain points by providing very expensive and time consuming software on premise which they called ‘customised solutions.’  While these customised solutions were acceptable to some mid to large businesses with standardised workflows; SMEs found these solutions to be too costly, time consuming and rigid to implement for them.

In the case of Modeller, accounting practices want to provide better services to their clients. They want to provide advisory services. They want to go beyond compliance. But they are time poor. Who has the time to implement a new product line such as Financial Modelling? Who has the resources to employ a staff member experienced in financial modelling, in addition to their other duties? Many accounting practices we surveyed did not have the capability. And so our accounting practices were being reactive not pro-active. They would prefer a model for a client if they asked for it (more likely if their banks required it for financiers). They would charge ad-hoc for this service, without a plan. Creation of the model was painstaking from the outset. Updating with financial data for future periods was manual and required a senior staff member to perform so as not to break the model. Starting with a template was nice, but every cloud accounting file has a different chart of accounts and complexities. It had no connection to your data. 

Cerebiz Modeller changes all that. We want accounting practices to proactively build financial forecasts for their clients and be the value added advisors that they truly want to be. We make it simple for them to get started and update regularly because we synchronise from the same financial data that you are painstakingly keeping up to date for the client. No more double handling! 

Download the data from your file, create your custom dashboards in separate tabs and update as regularly as you update your cloud files. You will have the ultimate advisory tool to have detailed discussions with your clients; in addition to the various other modules provided by Cerebiz.