• Practices tell us too much of their Cash is tied up in Debtors

    Cerebiz Automation to Collect Cash Sooner at Lower Cost:

    • Automated Invoice Sending
    • Automated Multiple Reminders - SMS / Email 
    • Automated Pay Now transaction detail links through to MYOB PayBy, E-way, WebDosh (NAB) etc.
    • Automated Link to Invoice Funding
    • Automated 'Promise to Pay' Phone Follow up Support
    • Automated 'Critical Debtor' Status / Action List 
    • Automated Bank Feeds to save data entry time
    • Automated Debtor Days Trend Tracking

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  • Practices want to reduce Non-productive Time and Cost

    Cerebiz Automation to Reduce Non-productive Time:

    • Automated Bank Feeds 
    • Automated synchronisation of transactions between AE/AO and ARL Ledgers eliminates Double Data Keying and need for Spreadsheets 
    • Automated Consolidations 
    • Automate Time Critical Reports

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  • 'What our Clients Say'

    Cerebiz has also allowed us to integrate our MYOB AccountRight and Accountants Enterprise products through the synchronisation of invoices and payments between the two systems.


    Integrating Cerebiz at MGI Joyce|Dickson has resulted in improved processes resulting in increased efficiency within the admin team and has substantially reduced the amount of time we spend chasing debtors and receipting client payments.


    Clair Oliver,
    Office Manager, MGI Joyce|Dickson

    ‘Cerebiz Integrator’, with its ‘Cash’ and ‘Reminder’ modules, has helped us save 2 to 3 days of work per month.


    Bank Feeds into AccountRight (ARL), and automated import of our Invoices into ARL via Cerebiz Integrator, means the reconciliation of debtor accounts is now a breeze.


    Client payments are coming through quicker than before.'


    Tim Kemp,
    Partner, MJA Accounting

    'Cerebiz Dashboard / Reporter & Budgeting Modules help us in streamlining our Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Budgeting & Reporting process for our clients.

    Cerebiz Modules works with all MYOB Ledgers i.e. AR Cloud and Desktop, Essentials, MAS, and Accounts GL.

    Now we can offer up-to-date and fact based Business Advisory Services to our clients in an efficient and timely manner.

    We have known the Cerebiz Team for a while, and their knowhow in this field and support services are exceptional.'


    Christian Van Niekerk,
    Senior Manager, Grant Thornton

    'I recommend Cerebiz to anyone who needs information at a bargain price.

    It produces the best value information that I have ever come across.
    The Team at Cerebiz get involved and nothing is too much trouble for them to help achieve the desired result.

    I regarded them as part of my extended team and cannot recommend them too highly.

    We finished the project ahead of time and on budget’.


    Ian Lacey, International CFO and consultant to The Quest Exploration Drilling Group of Companies (QED), Philippines.

  • 'We need our Practice Performance Stats at the Press of a Button!'

    Cerebiz Automation for timely performance visibility:

    • Key Performance Data as at COB previous Day
    • Instant Drill Down: Practice / Office / Activity / Person
    • Debtors, Write-offs, WIP, Net Revenue, Lockup
    • Proactive Performance Insights
    • Timely Team Member Coaching
    • Automated Board Report Pack

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  • Interested to shift to High-Value Advisory Services?

    Cerebiz Automation Provides the Way to High-Value Advisory:

    • Automated Alerts from Client KPI Dashboards
    • Automated Drill Down into root cause(s) of Alerts
    • Automated Processes / Tools: Analyzer, Power BI Charts, Quick Reporter
    • Use same Automation / Processes and  Tools in your Practice and for your Clients Businesses

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  • Cerebiz Modular Approach

    Most Practices start with the Debtor Management / Cash Collection Modules and then the Budget / Forecast Module, followed by other Modules to improve the business side of the Practice and / or to support Advisory Services to Clients.

    Cerebiz Modules Chart

    Module Functions and Benefits for your Practice and your Clients

    Reminder / Cash Collection

    Integration: MYOB AE/AO and ARL Modules, and Cerebiz



    • Fast Invoice Sending
    • Automated Reminders
    • ‘Promises to Pay’
    • Pay Now, Payment Gateway, Invoice Funding, Bank Feeds, 
    • Debtors Critical List


    • Reduced Debtor Days returns substantial Extra Cashto a Practice or Client Business
    • Automated processes save many Hours/Days – Reduce Costs
    • Fast and Substantial Payback

    Dashboards / Quick Reporter

    Integration: MYOB ARL Modules and Cerebiz



    • Dashboards / KPI Alerts
    • Drill down to transactions
    • Selection of ‘Quick Report’ Template, Table / Chart, and standard wording
    • Customise wording / add other info.
    • View or Print for Advisory Session


    • Quickly spot Alert condition
    • Drill Down into detail for the facts
    • ‘Quick Report’ in minutes, not hours
    • Facts + Your Insights =Value to Internal or External Client
    • Build Client Value, Trust, Relationship

    Practice Performance Analytics

    Integration: MYOB AE/AO and ARL Modules, and Cerebiz Advanced Analytics



    • Automated Data Extract from AE/AO Practice File, ARL Company File, plus other sources
    • Drill down to transactions
    • Extensive Advanced Analytics - Desktop/Mobile
    • Reports Board Pack Option
    • Up to Date and at Press of a Button


    • Automated Data Extraction, Analysis, Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminates Data Keying, Spreadsheets…. Saves many expensive hours.
    • Drill Down into detail for the facts/root cause
    • Enables proactive Practice/Team Performance Management

    AE/AO Trial not available


    Cerebiz ANALYZER ‘Business Intelligence’ (BI)

    Integration: MYOB ARL Modules and Cerebiz



    • Integrated Analysis – Data Cubes for Sales, Finance, more...
    • Drag + Drop Data by Label into Columns or Rows
    • Click to Select Period(s), Sort Order, Sub and Totals
    • View or Print or Export
    • Save for repeat use


    • Customised Automated Data Extraction, Analysis, Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminates Data Keying, Spreadsheets... Saves many expensive hours.
    • Instant 80/20 Analysis for Gross Profit Contribution and similar
    • Drill Down into detail for the facts
    • Enables proactive Practice, Business, and Team Performance Management
    • Supports range of Advisory Services


    AE/AO Practice File Consolidation

    Integration: MYOB AE/AO and Cerebiz



    • Consolidate AE/AO Practice Files
    • Click to Select AutomatedReport(s)
    • Viewor Print orExport
    • Save for repeat use




    • Saves many expensive hours
    • Drill Down into detail for the facts
    • Enables proactivePractice, Business, and Team Performance Management



    AE/AO Trial not available


    Financial Budget / Job Budget

    Integration: MYOB ARL Modules and Cerebiz



    • Import Previous Period Budget/Actual
    • Explore Graphic ‘What if’Scenarios
    • Save What if Scenario(s), Apply Preferred
    • Budgets and Forecasts
    • Flexible Reports (Budget/Actual/Variance, Actual+Forecast to end Period, etc)
    • Job Budgets roll up to Company Budget


    • Automated import and inbuilt 'What if…' eliminates Data keying and Spreadsheets Saves many expensive hours.
    • Drill Down into detail for the facts
    • Compare Actual to Budget/Forecast to manage proactively
    • Track Job profitability

    Marketing Campaigns

    Integration: MYOB AE/AO and Cerebiz



    • Automated Import from AE/AO and ARL client files into Campaign Module files
    • Custom Field Mapping – Align custom fields from AE/AO and ARL to Campaign Template fields
    • Customise Campaign Template wording, and add other content
    • View or Print or Email/SMS
    • Save for repeat use


    • Easily and Quickly publish and distribute Marketing Materials, Newsletters, etc. Saves many hours.
    • Stats. to highlight need to improve rates of Receipt, Open, and ‘Click on’ links (to other content)
    • Tell your story and grow Fees and Your Practice



    AE/AO Trial not available

    ARL Company File Consolidation

    Integration: ARL Modules and Cerebiz



    • Account Mapping – Align custom accounts  to Template Chart of Accounts
    • Consolidate  ARL Company Files
    • Click to Select Automated Report(s)
    • View or Print or Export
    • Save for repeat use



    • Customised (Account Mapping) Automated Data Extraction, Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminates Data Keying, Spreadsheets... Saves many expensive hours.
    • Compare results across companies
    • Drill Down into detail for the facts
    • Enables proactive Practice, Business, and Team Performance Management
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    What is the cost to your Practice of untrained staff?


    Cerebiz Academy enables you to address these issues proactively.

    It's Online, Flexible, and Cost Effective.


    Online, anywhere, anytime training for existing and new staff


    Good Business and Advisory Practice Courses

    as well as

    Implementation and Use of the Cerebiz Modules

    to Apply Good Business Practice.


  • About Cerebiz

    'Building business value for Accounting Practices and their Clients'

    Jayantha Ekenayake

    Founder and CEO. Decades of corporate systems background, project design and implementation before starting his own software development business out of which came Cerebiz. Passionate about delivering solutions to provide real value to Clients. Loves rugby and cricket.

    Peter Vroom

    Co-founder focused on Corporate Development. Serial founder/CEO of B2B software businesses starting with a "software as a service" business and its slogan, "Go Online in '79". International business experience. Bushwalker and sailor.

    Terry Rodoni

    Senior Partner / Consultant with decades of background in local and national Accounting Practices. On RSM's executive committee for many years. Strong interest in the business side of Practice Management. Avid golfer.

    Cerebiz Technical / Support Team

    Cohesive Team with specialist experience in development and implementation of Business Intelligence tools, Desktop and Cloud / Mobile Accounting Applications, and Data base integration.

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