Cerebiz Accounting Practice

Performance Analytics & Reports


MYOB AE/AO integrated with standard MYOB AccountRight ARL and

Cerebiz Practice Performance Analysis and Board Pack.


Automated Data Extraction, Analysis, Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminates Data Keying, Spreadsheets….

It saves many expensive hours!

Drill Down into detail for the facts and root cause

Enables proactive Practice and Team Performance Management


Automated Data Extract from AE/AO Practice File, AccountRight ARL Company File, plus other sources

Drill down to transactions

Extensive Advanced Analytics

Reports Board Pack Option

Info is Up to Date and available at Press of a Button


Advanced Analytics

KPIs and instant reporting

Debtors $
Debtor Days
Write-off $
Revenue $


Spend time on your business while

Cerebiz does the work for you

Instant click into the KPI at various levels

Business > Department >

Product/Service >


Work on issues with your team while they are fresh and relevant.

View your data anywhere on any device

Instant Analytics

80/20 Analysis

Contribution Analysis

e.g. Ranking by Gross Profit Contribution will show; 20% of 'Contributors' in the business bring in 80% of Gross Profit. Nurture others to grow their contribution. Let go of non-performers. 

Revenue Growth Strategy

20% of Customers bring in 80% of Gross Profit. 


Rank into GP Contribution segments

Segments marketing messages with product or services

Segment A

Top 20% of Customers

Segment B 

Next 50% of Customers

Segment C

Bottom 30% of Customers

Proactive Performance Insights

Automated Board Report Pack 'At the press of a button'

Cerebiz Accounting Practice



A complete set of tools you can take anywhere

We'd love to discuss your practice needs and show you how Cerebiz can improve, simplify and automate your accountancy tasks and processes to simple clicks of a button. 

What do the experts say?


Terry Rodoni

Business Solutions Director 

'Debtor Days, Work in Progress, Write-offs, and Lockup; that’s what keeps Partners awake at night!


Until Cerebiz, there has been no automated 'off the shelf' way to monitor these figures on-demand.


Practices need this level of automation to produce information on time and at a realistic cost'.

'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'