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What's different about Cerebiz compared to other Add-on apps for MYOB?

Two-way Integration at Transaction Level: The Cerebiz application Modules integrate seamlessly with MYOB AE or AO Practice Manager systems and AccountRight (ARL) ledger.


Cerebiz automatically synchronises transaction detail that flows both ways between these MYOB systems and Cerebiz cloud.

Cerebiz Integrator for MYOB AE/AO must be used in conjunction with Cerebiz Cash and Cerebiz Reminder Modules. These three modules together provide the following benefits to Accounting Practices.


Cerebiz Automated Processes/Workflow;

  • Two-way transactions between Systems 

  • Replaces Spreadsheets for data import/export and Reports 

  • Faster Invoice Sending 

  • Reminders with Pay Now to speed up cash collection 

  • Client payment arrangements and 'Promises to Pay' follow up 

  • Payment Gateways: MYOB PayBy, Invoice Funding 

  • Bank Feeds for time-saving payment receipts/allocation 

  • Forward cash flow projections and What-If scenarios 

  • Business/Practice Performance Analysis/Reports on-demand 

  • Consolidations of Ledgers/Company Files 

  • KPIs/Alerts to take early action on a problem 

  • Dashboards and Drill-down ('The Devil is in the Detail') 

  • Contribution Analysis, e.g. Gross Profit using 80/20 (Pareto)  

  • Budget/Forecast with What-If 

  • Business Function Dashboards/Quick Reporter 

  • Analysis/Reporting for 'working ON the business'


Internet access to customer transactions; Cerebiz is a cloud/data warehouse system that holds an up-to-date copy of a customer's transactions. That means the Cerebiz application Modules can access customer transactions and present data views and charts, reports, and drill-down results anywhere, anytime via the user's web browser or mobile device.

'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'


What do the experts say?


Terry Rodoni

Business Solutions Director 

'Communicating with Clients is the way to build your 'trusted advisor' relationship with Clients.


The data is all there in MYOB AE/AO but selecting the right data and extracting it and then getting a marketing campaign or newsletter out to Clients is difficult and time-consuming.


The Cerebiz Campaign Manager changes all that and enables you to stay 'top of mind' with your Clients when they need advice'.

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