Cerebiz SME

Dashboard & Reporter


Standard MYOB AccountRight ARL Modules

Xero Accounts and Cerebiz Dashboards and Quick Reporter modules


  • Quickly spot Alert condition

  • Drill Down into detail for the facts

  • ‘Quick Report’ produce in minutes, and save many hours

  • Facts + Your Insights =Value to Internal (Practice) or External Client

  • Build Client Value, Trust, Relationship


  • Dashboards / KPI Alerts / Advanced Analytics

  • Drill down to transactions

  • Selection of ‘Quick Report’ Templates, Tables, Charts, and standard wordings

  • Customise wording and add third-party provided info.

  • View or Print for Advisory Session


'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'


What do the experts say?

Terry Rodoni

Consultant to Business Success Strategies

'It's said A picture is worth a thousand words. Now you can see your up-to-date business data instantly in Graph/Trend-line 'pictures'!


Is the Trend-line heading the right way for you? How can you get it to go even more so? Or, what can you do to reverse this trend?


It's also said, 'The devil is in the detail.' That's true, you should not jump to conclusions without checking more deeply into what makes up a trend. Untested assumptions are a risk for your business and there are ways to eliminate or mitigate that risk.


Cerebiz has the tools that will give you a picture of a trend, alert you by email/SMS if you should investigate, and enable you to Drill-down into the underlying detail for a trend to confirm the 'good-guys' or the 'culprits'. Now you can manage your risk in taking action on a trend line! It's the way to go'