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Standard MYOB AccountRight ARL Modules

Xero Accounts and Cerebiz Dashboards and Quick Reporter modules


  • Quickly spot Alert condition

  • Drill Down into detail for the facts

  • ‘Quick Report’ produce in minutes, and save many hours

  • Facts + Your Insights =Value to Internal (Practice) or External Client

  • Build Client Value, Trust, Relationship


  • Dashboards / KPI Alerts / Advanced Analytics

  • Drill down to transactions

  • Selection of ‘Quick Report’ Templates, Tables, Charts, and standard wordings

  • Customise wording and add third-party provided info.

  • View or Print for Advisory Session


'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'


What our customers say


Trevor Harris

 Partner I MRL Group

'We used to spend a lot of time manually manipulating data. Having access to tools Cerebiz provides has just been a breath of fresh air and has been able to actually alleviate us from producing that data at all. I would much prefer to be advising the client than crunching data in the background and sending them a report every month.


So the Clients are looking at their KPIs, looking at their reports, and if they're doing that, they're not bothering us for the information and, again, I say, whilst accountants crunch data, I don't think it's really where we make money. We've been able to shift our service provision to much more of an advisory model and, thereby, that can only be good for us from an economic point of view.'


Christian Van Niekerk
Director I Grant Thornton

'One of the issues that we identified a long time ago was the amount of reporting we're doing for Clients outside of the normal financial statements and tax returns.


So one of the things we do, as most practices would do, is create a set of Excel spreadsheets to produce graphs and the like to present to clients. One of the issues we found is the sheer amount of time it took to put those templates together. Every year something would be different and new people would come on board and we just spent a considerable amount of time putting these things together. The client understood but didn't put a lot of value behind it. Therefore, the cost-benefit was really a big challenge for us to get our heads around for quite a long time.


Our (Cerebiz) Automated Reporting system saves many hours and enables moving from Annual meetings with Clients to Quarterly or Monthly higher value Advisory Service.


Clients really love it. It's timely. They make better decisions and, in a graphical format, it's easy to read; they understand it. I think that's the most important part.'

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