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KPIs and instant reporting

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Spend time on your business while Cerebiz does the work for you

Instant click into the KPI at various levels

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Work on issues with your team while they are fresh and relevant.

View your data in desktop/laptop Browser or Mobile Device

Instant Analytics

80/20 Analysis

Contribution Analysis

e.g. Ranking by Gross Profit Contribution will show; 20% of 'Contributors' in the business bring in 80% of Gross Profit. Nurture others to grow their contribution. Let go of non-performers. 

Revenue Growth Strategy

20% of Customers bring in 80% of Gross Profit. 


Rank into GP Contribution segments

Segments marketing messages with product or services

Segment A

Top 20% of Customers

Segment B 

Next 50% of Customers

Segment C

Bottom 30% of Customers

Automated Board Report Pack 'At the press of a button'

Advanced Profit Analysis Module


Standard MYOB AccountRight ARL Modules and Cerebiz Advanced Profit Analysis Module (embedded Power BI).


  • Automated Data Extraction, Analysis, Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminates Data Keying, Spreadsheets... Saves many expensive hours.

  • Instant 80/20 Analysis for Gross Profit Contribution Analysis and more

  • Instant Drill Down into detail

  • Enables proactive Business, Team, and Individual Performance Management

  • Drill down to details supports fact-based 'Virtual CFO'/Advisory Services


  • Extensive embedded  Advanced Analytics

  • Automated Analysis - Views and Reports 'at the press of a button'

  • Summary level and instant Drill down by Customer, Product/Service, Salesperson/Partner

  • View or Print or Export

'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'


What do the experts say?

Terry Rodoni

Consultant to Business Success Strategies

'The Cerebiz tools to analyse profit and the contributors to profit are very important to work more effectively ON improving your business.


For example, using the 80/20 (Pareto) ranking facility to understand Gross Profit contribution by each product or service or customer, or by Salesperson/partner. How can the contribution be improved? Is it a matter of investing more in some and shedding others? These tools provide the up to date facts every time you run the analysis with just a few clicks.


It's not practical and too expensive to do such analysis by spreadsheet or custom-written program. Yet it needs to be done regularly as the data keeps changing and you need to stay on top of the impact of that change on the business.


Cerebiz Advanced Analysis is practical and cost-effective and puts the right up-to-date facts at your fingertips anytime anywhere to work On improving your business'.