Cerebiz Modeller


Cerebiz modeller allows MYOB and Xero users to create ‘Rolling financial planning’ and ‘What -If Scenarios’ models with the functionality similar to Microsoft Excel.

Who are the users of Cerebiz Modeller?

Cerebiz modeller is best suited to Accounting Practices and SME Businesses with 10 – 1000 employees, revenue between $1 Million to $500 million per annum across any industry. At present, the Cerebiz modeller Integrates with MYOB AE/AO Practice Manager, MYOB ARL, MYOB Essential, Xero Accounts systems. 

What is Cerebiz Modeller?

Cerebiz Modeller provides companies with the ability to Create Advanced Budgets, Forecasts, and Financial models from scratch. Also, if they already have Excel based models, they can be imported into the Cerebiz modeller and link appropriate live data streams from MYOB & Xero systems. Once the live data streams are linked to the modeller, with a push-button update facility, data can be updated as and when required from the live MYOB or Xero systems. Since it behaves similar to Excel, users have absolute control in setting up the modeller the way the user wants. 

Cerebiz Modeller Features

  • Import/Export data from and to Microsoft Excel

  • What If Scenario planning

  • Allocate permission at the modeller as well as ‘Model sheet’ level providing the user to control who can do things, see things etc., depending on requirements.

  • Create Dashboards that derive from the modeller

  • Ad hoc report creation

  • Data visualisation

  • Chart of accounts

  • Advanced Cash flow modelling

  • Multi-company Account Consolidations and reporting

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Self-service reporting 

  • Sales Trend Analysis

  • Visual analytics