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The Five Steps to Profitable Business Advisory

No rocket scientists required!

Step 1. Get the Monkey off your Back

Loading up Partners with even more work is not the way to go! In fact the opposite approach has to be taken, i.e. Partners adopting ways that 'get the Monkey Off their Back' and put it squarely on the backs of team members according to their job description. That will result in more people doing more Advisory works and greater Fees Growth , as per Step 4 below.

Step 2. Research 'Business Advisory' of greatest value to your target Clients

First talk to Clients to test your ideas and assumptions about Advisory Opportunities, Services, Value to Clients and Fees.

Step 3. Define your business model for 'Business Advisory'

Hourly Rates or 'Fixed Fee Services Packages'…. and more such issues. Developing your Business Model. Tools to do so.

Step 4. 'Business Advisory' Roles for Partners/Managers and their Team

Set the practice up for providing real and Measurable Value to Clients, e.g collect Cash sooner by reducing Debtor Days using proven Methods and Tools.

Step 5. 'Business Advisory' Processes and Tools

Commit to processes and tools that support your Partners and Managers providing real and Measurable Value to Clients. Use Client and other data for 'evidence based advice'.

As per the words of W Edwards Deming, who has been credited with turning around Japan's economy after World War 2….

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