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Making 'Business Advisory' work for your firm

Taking a sensible and doable approach

Grow your team's resources and skills

If you're a successful firm, most likely your Partners are already busy enough.

The trick is to use new tools now available to equip your 'next level' people with up to date Client information and 'early warning' alerts every morning when they sign on to their personal Clients Dashboard.

Alerts need to be presented in such a way that they can instantly look into underlying detail and interpret it to provide proactive advice to Clients on ways to avoid pitfalls and improve their results.

It may be about improving Gross Profit, or reducing Debtor Days to bring in more cash sooner.

It needs to be more than just a graph or trend line. It's about ways to correct an adverse trend, or to build onto a favourable trend. It's about evidence such as drill down into underlying 'root' causes. Or applying the 80/20 rule to identify the 20% of products, customers, or sales resources that typically provide 80% of results.

It's about supporting information, critical analysis, and advice that is of real value and assistance to busy Clients, and that they will be happy to pay a premium for.

To achieve this you'll need up to date information, instant Analysis, and QuickReport facilities tailored to your Practice and Clients.

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