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Lead Your Clients by Example

Or, 'Eat your Own Dog Food' as they say in the US

Tell your Clients 'this is what we do Ourselves, and this is why it's good for You as well'

Many Accounting Practices in Australia and new Zealand use MYOB's AE/AO 'Practice Management' system to run the Business and Client Files side of their Practice. The MYOB AE/AO 'Practice Management' system is a decades old back office systems. 

Accounting Practice Partners and Managers told us MYOB AE/AO lack essential functions and features to run and support a Client Value centric and efficient 21st century Accounting Practice.

When they saw the Cerebiz add-on Modules for MYOB's Cloud based ARL system used in their Client's businesses they told us that was the functionality they also needed for the business side of their Practice.

They identified Cash Collection as a major issue to reduce the Debtors figure which in many cases has a substantial overdue component over 90 days old. They pointed to their inability to send invoices out automatically. And to send automated overdue payment reminders by email or SMS. And the non productive time and errors and omissions involved in making overdue invoice phone calls, including notes of the outcome of calls.

They liked what we showed in the way of the Cerebiz automated overdue follow up functions as an add-on to MYOB's ARL system. They said they needed those functions for the business side of their Practice.

Out of all that came the Cerebiz 'Integrator' tools that seamlessly link MYOB AE/AO and ARL as well as the Cerebiz add-on modules to ARL.

These include the CASH Module with full details of Invoices and Receipts, and the Record of payment follow up by SMS, email, and promise to pay conversations. A daily 'Promise to Pay' List for follow up with late payers. A 'Critical Debtors' Report available on Desktop and Mobile device for Partners/Managers. Collectively, the ways to proactively drive your Debtor Days figure down, releasing tens or, for bigger practices, hundreds of thousands of dollars back into available working capital.

The BUDGET Module provides comparison to prior period(s), and Actual / Variance. Update a Forecast during the year and see the Actual to Date, plus Forecast to the end of the Year.

The PRACTICE PERFORMANCE Dashboard shows Debtor Dollars and Debtor Days, Revenue/Write Offs, Net Revenue, WIP, and Lockup as at COB previous business day. With the ability to Drill Down into the KPI by Office, Partner, or Manager. Available on Desktop or Mobile Device 24/7. Great for proactive performance management and team coaching. Also available as a Board Report Pack Module.

The above Methods, Tools, Modules, and others not covered above, can be implemented in your Practice in just days, ready for use. The complementary Cerebiz Academy is a flexible and cost effective online training facility for current and new staff, and for future system updates.

Show Clients you 'walk the talk'

Implementation and use of the Cerebiz Methods, Tools, and Modules by your Practice provides a powerful and practical way to extend their use as the basis for an Advisory Service to your Clients.

Your Practice can run ARL-Cerebiz internally for your Clients for evidence based Advisory. Or Clients can themselves run ARL-Cerebiz with your Practice providing the same Advisory services.

The Cerebiz Dashboard, KPI, Drill Down, Analysis and Reporting Tools and 24/7 access (Internet Browser and Mobile) to up to date Client data is a powerful basis to provide Measurable Value to your Clients as part of your 'Business Advisory' offering.

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