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Commitment and Investment

You reap as you sow….

Your new 'Business Advisory' direction needs commitment and support from the Top, and some initial investment.

Without support at the Top, including assigning a Project Champion and a realistic Budget, any project is at risk of floundering. Establishing a 'Business Advisory' project to implement such a service in your Practice will be no different.

Done right, the results will repay the initial investment many times over.

Invest in research to confirm, rather than just assume, what your Clients want from you and would attacheValue to.

Invest in the right Methods and Tools to support timely and effective advice to Clients.

Invest in Training for your people to be able to use and apply the Methods and Tools..

Making these investments means more of your people will be able to do more profitable Business Advisory work.

Clients will recognise your firm for contributing to their Improved Cash and Profit results.

They will talk to others. 'Word of Mouth', especially in this day and age where sharing information via digital means such as Linked In is a very effective way of reaching others, including potential new Clients.

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