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ARL Company File Consolidation


Standard MYOB AccoutRight ARL, Essentials or MAS and Cerebiz


  • Customised (Account Mapping) Automated Data Extraction,

  • Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminate Data Keying, Spreadsheets

  • Compare results across companies

  • Drill Down into detail for the facts

  • Enables proactive Practice, Business, and Team Performance Management


  • Account Mapping – Align custom accounts  to Template Chart of Accounts

  • Consolidate  AccountRight Company Files including groups of Files

  • Consolidated Financials and KPIs

  • Analysis of the consolidated Company Files, including Drill-down

  • Automated Report(s) to selected email addresses

  • View or Print or Export

  • Save for repeat use

'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'

What our Clients say

Trevor Harrison


MRL Group Adelaide

'We wanted a KPI system that was completely flexible, right down to us designing our KPIs. But we wanted to be able to mix this with the consolidation module so that we could provide a consolidated KPI but also look at the KPIs of each of the individual entities that we had grouped together with this consolidated structure.


We can also in that system, in the consolidation system, drill down into specific transactions in regard to both the consolidations and the KPI.

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