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Marketing Campaigns


Inbuilt marketing tools for your accounting practice



Standard MYOB AE / AO and Cerebiz Campaign Module


Easily and Quickly publish and distribute Marketing Materials, Newsletters, etc. Saves many hours.

Stats. to highlight need to improve rates of Receipt, Open, and ‘Click on’ links (to other content)

Tell your story and grow Fees and Your Practice


  • Automated Import from AE/AO and ARL client files into Campaign Module files

  • Custom Field Mapping – Align custom fields from AE/AO and ARL to Campaign Template fields

  • Customise Campaign Template wording, and add other content

  • View or Print or Email/SMS

  • Save for repeat use

Customised setup required


'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'


What do the experts say?


Terry Rodoni

Business Solutions Director 

'Communicating with Clients is the way to build your 'trusted advisor' relationship with Clients.


The data is all there in MYOB AE/AO but selecting the right data and extracting it and then getting a marketing campaign or newsletter out to Clients is difficult and time-consuming.


The Cerebiz Campaign Manager changes all that and enables you to stay 'top of mind' with your Clients when they need advice'.

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A complete set of tools you can take anywhere

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