Cerebiz Accounting Practice

Advanced Profit Analysis 

Integrated with standard MYOB AccountRight ARL

with Cerebiz Advanced Analytics (Embedded BI)


Cerebiz augments MYOB and provides the tools to deliver High-Value to Clients.


High-Value Advisory

Partners and Managers

Client KPIs Dashboard

Alerts (connect to Client's AccountRight ARL data

Client CEO Dashboard

Automated reports, including scheduling and sending

Business Performance Stats/Board Pack with a click


Automate Processes

Tools to support Advisory

Data Warehouse > Advanced Analytics > Quick Reporter

Speed up Cash Collection

Advanced Analytics, e.g. Instant 80/20

Analysis of Gross Profit Contribution by Customer, Product/Service, Sales Person/Partner.  Facts for GP improvement advice

High-Value Virtual CFO

Practice Management

Manage AccountRight ARL and Cerebiz on behalf of your client 



Link to your Client's AccountRight ARL and Cerebiz system


View data to provide fact-based advice in a

Virtual CFO Advisory Role.

Cerebiz Advanced Analytics

Instant Analysis

Summary Charts and Drill Down

'Virtual CFO'/Business Advisory Services can use the same Cerebiz Modules with their Client’s AccountRight ARL system to work ON improving the Client’s business.

Processes and Tools to move to High-Value Advisory Services/'Virtual CFOs'


  • Automated Data Extraction, Analysis, Collation, Formatting, and Production eliminates Data Keying, Spreadsheets... Saves many hours at professional rates.

  • Instant 80/20 Ranking of Gross Profit Contribution Analysis and more

  • Instant Drill Down into detail

  • Enables proactive Business, Team, and Individual Performance Management

  • Drill down to details supports fact-based 'Virtual CFO'/Advisory Services


  • Extensive embedded Advanced Analytics

  • Automated Analysis - Views and Reports 'at the press of a button'

  • Summary level and instant Drill down by Customer, Product/Service, Area/Territory, Salesperson/Partner and more

  • View or Print or Export

Cerebiz Accounting Practice



A complete set of tools you can take anywhere

We'd love to discuss your practice needs and show you how Cerebiz can improve, simplify and automate your accountancy tasks and processes to simple clicks of a button. 

'On-demand data. Work on your business anywhere'


What do the experts say?


Terry Rodoni

Business Solutions Director 

'The Cerebiz tools to analyse profit and the contributors to profit are very important to work ON improving the business side of a Practice or Client.


For example looking at Gross Profit contribution by each product or service or customer, or by a person (Partner, Manager in a Practice or Salesperson/partner in a Client's business).


It's not practical and too expensive to do such analysis by spreadsheet or custom-written program. Yet it needs to be done regularly as the data keeps changing and you need to stay on top of the impact of that on the business.


Cerebiz tools such as 80/20 (Pareto) Analysis is practical and cost-effective and puts the right up-to-date facts at your fingertips anytime anywhere to work On improving your Practice or Client's business'.