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The benefits of an AAA Practice

Are you an Accounting/Advisory Practice that wants to implement Dashboards/Reports, and Alerts for Clients?

Have you considered that graphs and numbers often need deeper analysis in order to be sure about the advice given to Clients?

The video introduces AAA automation support for advice to Clients, and how your Practice and your Clients can benefit from AAA automation support designed to improve Cash and Profit.

Dashboards and Alerts

AAA is about extending your services from traditional historical Accounting, which is represented by the first ‘A’ in ‘AAA’.

AAA enables you, at a glance, to monitor a Dashboard for Alert conditions in a client's business. An Alert, represented by the second ‘A’ in ‘AAA’, can become the basis of an automated Report for discussion with the Client.

However, what if you suspect or know the summary picture shown by a Dashboard/Report does not tell the full story? In other words, it needs access to the underlying data and some ‘deep dive’ and ‘what if’ scenarios to properly support professional business advice to your client.

This is where the thirdA’ in ‘AAA’ comes into the picture.

The AAA approach to Client services provides the automated tools called Action Processes, represented by the third ‘A’. These provide a low cost and highly productive way to properly support professional advice as well as assist your Client to implement it, or have you do it for the Client.

AAA is designed to provide real and measurable business value to both your Practice and your Client!

AAA Action Processes

Let's look at the difference between just Alerts and Action Processes.

In many cases an Alert requires deeper investigation, resorting to spreadsheets and custom reports. You know, double handling of data… time consuming… needs specially trained people… and resulting in Delay and Cost… also, often, Errors and Out of date information.

Contrast this with the Action Processes following an Alert. Action Processes use automation to produce analysis and fact based Reports fast, accurately, and cost effectively.

Action Processes cover the implementation of your advice, and do not leave your Client wondering about the ‘what and how to do and get it right first time’ aspects of business advice.

Action Processes provide greater business value to the client! You can be more productive and the Client sees you as a partner to their business and adding more value.

Key benefits from the AAA approach

Can be the basis of a move to value-based fees… is a real differentiator in services offered… more than replaces compliance work and fees… Clients see you as providing real value…

The evidence is there, in measurable growth in cash and profit!

Do any of these Keep You Awake at Night?

Do any of these Keep You Awake at Night?

Note AAA applies to 7 of the pain points that keep SME business and Accountants ‘awake at night’ according to MYOB’s Survey of July 2015.

Cerebiz and Action Processes

More than just Dashboards/Reports and Alerts, the Cerebiz Modules incorporate Action Processes to improve Cash and Profit


The Benefits: Save time, lift productivity, differentiate from competitors, and grow fees, as well as Cash and Profit for your Practice and your Clients!

Cerebiz is fully Integrated with Cloud and Desktop Accounting Systems

Data synchronisation is fully automatic

Cerebiz replaces spreadsheets and a myriad of other packages.

Instant Payback; No Brainer!

One hour a month of time saved more than covers the investment in any Cerebiz module’s monthly subscription

Extra benefits such as Debtors Cash Back can provide a multiple return on your investment.

Your Action?

Why not prove the benefits of AAA in collaboration with selected Clients and the 30 Days Free Trial offer here .

Cerebiz Dashboards/Reports: Be Proactive with your Clients issues
Cerebiz Budget
  • Spot Client Alert conditions with just a glance at your Clients Dashboard on your screen
  • Automated Dashboard extract for your Interpretation and Commentary
  • Automatically format Professional Report for Client discussion
  • Option: deeper analysis, including WHAT IF scenarios, professional advice and Action Process implementation assistance using selected Module(s) below.

Cerebiz Budget : WHAT IF you could do this
Cerebiz Budget
  • Save hours of your time… do WHAT IF without spreadsheets
  • Explore different budget scenarios to suit new period business conditions and objectives
  • Share/review/update with others online, and adopt preferred scenario at the press of a button
  • Show Actual/Budget year to date as well as Forecast to end of Year
  • Drill down into Variance Report to investigate performance issues while they are fresh
  • Select reports by Month, Quarter, or Year for one or more past, current, or future periods

Cerebiz Cash : More cash and less stress
Cerebiz Cash
  • Automated WHAT IF tested Cash Flow Projection from Accounting System supplemented by Cerebiz Cash projections
  • Cerebiz caters for pre allocated payments and actual ‘promises to pay’ for Debtors/Creditors, as well as ‘Other’ payments/receipts
  • Manage Cash Collection levels based on Debtor Days trend line in dashboard
  • Do WHAT IF on Debtor Days KPI to instantly reveal overdue invoices to be collected
  • Collect overdue cash/obtain ‘promises to pay’ using automated process to collect cash sooner

Cerebiz Jobs : Job Budgeting / Reports Profitability Analysis
Cerebiz Cash
  • Job Dashboard – extensive analysis charts with custom KPI’s
  • Debtor (Creditor) Balances By Customer (Supplier) / Job at summary and Invoice (PO) level
  • Profit & Loss by Job – Budget, Actual, Variance
  • Multi Layered view of all jobs with Budget/Actual/Variance

Cerebiz Profit : Know the performers and laggards
Cerebiz Profit
  • Gross Profit contribution analysis by Product, Customer, Sales Person/Partner or any correlation of these at the press of a button
  • Quickly identify, promote/support/reward top performers and cull laggards
  • Easily create sales budget hierarchy e.g. sales person / customer / product OR sales person / product etc.
  • Do WHAT IF on sales for more realistic sales budgets and increased accountability

Cerebiz Analyzer : Custom analysis and reports using true BI
Cerebiz Analyzer
  • True Business Intelligence (BI) facility for analysis and reporting - eliminate time spent on spreadsheets
  • Select data by plain English labels and create customised analysis View/Report/Chart in minutes
  • Pivot data View perspective in seconds
  • Share the View/Chart online… export to Excel, csv, PDF
  • Save customised View/Report/Chart for future re-use

Cerebiz Consolidation : Company consolidation / Reporting
Cerebiz Consolidation
  • Multilevel company consolidation and reporting
  • Consolidated Dashboard with KPI’s
  • Drill into lower level(s) to view/compare KPI’s or reports
  • Monitor each company or group
  • Ideal for Franchisor(s) / Franchisee(s)

Cerebiz Reminder : Send SMS / Email reminders automatically
Cerebiz Reminder
  • Customise/Automate your debt collection process to suit your client.
  • SMS / EMAIL reminders sent automatically to clients.
  • Send “Promise to Pay” auto reminders to clients at pre-scheduled intervals.
  • Setup multiple SMS/EMAIL templates to suit recipient client.
  • Combined with ‘Cerebiz Cash’, ‘Cerebiz Reminders’ can automate your Cash Flow NOW!!

What customers say about Cerebiz

  • ‘Using Cerebiz Budget is very quick and simple compared to the time taken to set up and manipulate Excel. I found I save more than a day of set up time for a new client, and save at least half an hour each time I run a ‘WHAT IF…’ scenario for a client say weekly or monthly basis, or have to roll over to another year. That’s time I can use more profitably on advisory work.’

    Alan Freeman
    Regional Director – The CFO Centre Pty Ltd.

  • “It automatically links and sets up with my AccountRight Live data. I just pressed a button for fast take on of previous years(s) actual figures and took just 30 minutes to set initial budget for the current year. The reports it produces are very informative and easy to understand from my perspective.”

    Tony Warren
    Director – TMA Kitchen Design.

  • ‘Actual data is right up to date, at least daily and more often at critical review times during the month. The instant drill down from Budget Reports into the underlying transactions means a review with a client is more effective as there is no delay in chasing up the details.’

    Alan Freeman
    Regional Director – The CFO Centre Pty Ltd.

  • “I never had the time to do proper budgeting before but now I can do in a few minutes. This system saves lots of time. No Excel, and not having to worry about messing with my accounting system is a plus. I love the ‘What if..’ capability where I can do scenarios to see what suits my business. I use it often and enjoy seeing the progress comparison during the month.”

    Martyn Saunders
    Director – Southern Man Surf Shop.

  • ‘I can share my screen online with a client to go over figures with them. It cuts out time wasted on travel by them or myself, another saving. The other day I had an online Budget review with a client while he was interstate. Very productive, and he just loved it!’

    Alan Freeman
    Regional Director – The CFO Centre Pty Ltd.